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Easy Answers Elude Us as Mask and Vaccine Mandates Fall


COVID isn't over, and it never will be.

Even if the disease goes the way of smallpox (which isn't as gone as it used to be), there will still be bloody arguments about masking, vaccines and whether it's OK to make anyone take even the tiniest protective measure for another human being's welfare. These conflicts haven't been resolved, and never will be.

Though clear answers elude us, mask and vaccine mandates seem destined to the past, despite the federal government challenging the ruling ending airline mask rules.

Those mandates are long gone, and it's not because they were unfair or overly intrusive. They're done because, as a nation, we have been through it.

"It" being "the wringer."

"It" being more than two years of death, lockdowns and shutdowns, business failures and marriage failures. We've been drinking and eating too much. We've been looking at too many screens and wearing too many elastic-waist clothes.


Our kids are turning feral.

I took mine to the library recently and saw it firsthand. They ran and screamed, lay down and pushed every button in sight until I almost literally dragged them out.

"What is wrong with you kids?" I thought as they bounced off the walls.

Then I remembered: Oh. They haven't been in a library for two years.


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