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Answer Angel: Tips to hide a tattoo

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Ellen Angel: I have a large ankle tattoo that I plan to eventually remove. However, I would like to wear flats this summer for work, which although has a relaxed atmosphere is fairly conservative. I’m looking for opaque nude-colored socks that are thin enough to wear with flats yet still provide coverage. I do not have time or interest in using makeup to cover them up. Just wondering if you knew of such a product.

— Olivia M.

Dear Olivia: Try this: compression socks. They’re thick enough to cover your tattoo but not too thick to wear with flats. Some come in nude tones and are even footless, if that works for you. Often called a compression leg sleeve, they’re designed for swelling, runners, frequent flyers, varicose veins and people who are on their feet all day. But they’d do double duty as a tattoo cover-up. I found them in beige and black at starting at under $8. An internet search for “compression socks” will lead you to lots more buying options.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I took your advice several years ago and ordered Amazon’s Pinzon all-cotton 300-count sheets after also reading about them on Chris’ Old Fashioned Bedding blog ( I loved the first two sets (, queen set, $39.95) and wanted more. But the last two sets I ordered were not the same. They are more smooth sateen, not crisp. It was too late to return them since I ordered them in December and didn’t open them up until the first sunny warm day because I love to dry them on the clothesline. Anyway, my dilemma is I still want more, but worry I’ll get the same sateen not the crisp. Has anyone else had this happen? Or perhaps you’ve discovered another vendor for truly crisp sheets. Thanks so much!

— Martha Jean W.

Dear Martha Jean: I haven’t ordered my favorite Pinzon sheets in a while, but I’m eager to hear from readers if they’ve had your same problem. Meanwhile, I’d never seen the blog you mentioned. It lists numerous other favorite resources for crisp sheets you might try. Meanwhile, your problem — waiting too long to try the sheets, making it impossible to return them for a refund — reminds me of a lesson I too learned the hard way: We should always check our online purchases as soon as they arrive to avoid just such an issue.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have several window screens that have developed holes. They’re not huge ones, but big enough for insects to get through when I open my windows in the fresh spring air. Other than replacing the whole screen, are there simpler (cheaper) solutions?


— Dale D.

Dear Dale: After an attack by some biting bugs, I discovered there were holes in a couple of my screens. That led me to Screenmend, a piece of screen (5 by 7 inches) you can cut to size and, with a hair dryer, it melts and adheres to the screen. It did the job for me (, $6.97 for two). They come in a few colors (charcoal, silver-gray), but mine were not an exact match. Other products use adhesive, which didn’t hold as well for me. And in a pinch I have used various heavy-duty tapes, which were a total bust, popping off after a few days or a good rain.

Angelic Readers

Joanne S. writes: “Here’s a suggestion for Lorrie on restoring old jewelry! I have clasps on my gold chains. They became tarnished and unsightly. Brushed them with gold nail polish. Worked beautifully!”

From Alice S.: “If you buy a product that doesn’t work and you’re given the option of a refund or a replacement, take the refund. Twice I’ve experienced a replacement being just as bad as the first item. Eventually, it did result in a refund. Save yourself the trouble of dealing with a second nonfunctioning item and take the offered refund.”

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