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Eric's Autos: 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan

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The stiffest competition for Volkswagen's bestselling Tiguan may be ... another VW. That one being the VW introduced last year as the newest VW:

The Taos.

It is smaller than the Tiggy by about 10 inches in length. But it has almost the same inches in terms of first- and second-row legroom. It also has about the same total space -- for cargo.

And it costs about $3,000 less to start.

But it doesn't offer a third row, which comes standard in the Tiggy. That (plus a stronger standard engine) may make the latter worth the price for those who need the additional seats -- and want the extra power.

You also get some other things that either cost extra in the Taos or aren't available in that model.


What It Is

The Tiguan is VW's compact-size crossover, distinct from the subcompact Taos, which slots in underneath it in size as well as price -- and seats.

It is longer, as described above, and comes standard with seven-passenger seating, which can also be skipped in favor of a five-passenger/two-row layout that expands the space for cargo behind the second row to 37.5 cubic feet -- about 10 more cubic feet of cargo space than behind the second row in the Taos.

It also comes standard with a six-speaker stereo, heated front seats, keyless ignition and a digital main instrument cluster -- equipment that's available but extra-cost in the Taos.


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