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Health and Beauty Tip -- Hair Care for Busy Moms

Want great-looking hair, but don't have time to style it? Get a simple, straight cut. You can let your hair air-dry when you get out of the shower, and it'll still look great! For a simple cut, you don't have to spend top dollar -- a small, inexpensive salon will do fine, so long as you make sure to go back and keep your cut maintained once ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Hair Loss

If you're losing hair prematurely, see your doctor for a thyroid test. Hypothyroidism, which runs in families, can cause "shedding," even at a young age.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Eyeliner on the Inside?

Should you line the inside rims of your eyes? That depends on whom you listen to. Many beauty experts claim that it's "in" now, but others say it makes your eyes look smaller. It might be better to listen to opthamologists, though -- who warn that lining your eyes this way carries a greater risk of infection.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Warming Up Eyeliner

Before using an eyeliner pencil, pinch the tip between your fingers for a few seconds to warm it up.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Lipstick Color for Fuller-Looking Lips

For fuller-looking lips, avoid neutral shades -- go for reds. Don't be afraid to go a few shades darker, either.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Curling Iron on Curly Hair

If you have naturally-curly hair, you can emphasize it with a curling iron! Wrap about two inches of hair at a time around a medium or large-barrel curling iron, and use some styling mousse as well if you like. The natural curls will hold the wave.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Using Highlighters

Applying highlighters properly can both draw attention to your features and downplay those you don't like. Use a little over the eyes for a "wide-awake" look, or around the cheek for contours and to emphasize the cheekbones.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bad Breath from Coffee

Bad breath can be caused by a lot of things ... including, unfortunately for those of you who rely on it, coffee! If you find you have "coffee breath," switching to decaf won't help. Just try to cut back, or make sure to use breath-freshening products as often as possible.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Trick for Oily Hair

So you washed your hair this morning, but it's already feeling oily again? Get out those oil-blotting strips you use on your face and give your scalp a quick once-over.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Mineral for Greasy Hair

If you have oily hair, use a shampoo that contains zinc. It's okay to condition if you feel you need it -- just don't use it on your roots and scalp.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Cover for Bad Color

Don't have time to get rid of that bad dye job? In the meantime, draw attention away from the color with a wide headband that covers your roots -- getting your hair away from your face lessens the effect of bad color.

Health and Beauty Tip -- The Right Blonde

Looking at going blonde? There's a lot to consider when picking your shade -- like the undertones of your skin. Avoid "matching" colors. For example, if you have yellow undertones, avoid deep golds; if you have pinkish undertones, strawberry shades aren't for you. If you're going it alone, don't try to go more than a couple shades lighter ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Where to Spend Your Money

When it comes to lipstick, eyeshadow, or powder, go ahead and spend a little more -- these makeup mainstays warrant the extra money. Spend your money there instead of on eyeliner, lip gloss, or fancy mascara.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Washing Your Face at the End of the Day

If you wear makeup, take the time to wash your face twice at night: once to clean off the makeup, and again to cleanse your skin properly. Be gentle, though, and don't overscrub!

Health and Beauty Tip -- The Right Shoes for Looking Slim

Round-toed shoes can make legs look stumpy by breaking the "line" of your leg. Wear shoes with pointed toes -- heels or flats, it doesn't matter -- to create the impression of a longer line (and thus, a longer, slimmer leg).

Health and Beauty Tip -- Before Applying Concealer

Make sure to use moisturizer before you apply concealer. Concealer can settle into fine lines on dry skin.

Health and Beauty Tip -- When to Discard Makeup Sponges

If your makeup sponge has started to shred at the edges, smell odd, or lose its original shape, it's time to replace it. Washing them regularly with plain soap and allowing them to air-dry helps them last longer, but they should still be replaced on a regular basis.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Getting Rid of Deodorant Streaks

Tired of those white streaks you get from your deodorant after putting on your shirt? Wipe it away with a cotton sock. Other fabrics work in a pinch, but the weave of a cotton sock does it best. Whatever you do, don't use water -- it only gives the appearance of getting rid of the stain, which will come back later.

Health and Beauty Tip -- If You Break a Nail ...

If you have a special nail mending kit, use the fibrous paper in the kit and cut a section large enough to cover the nail and wrap under the tip.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Avoiding Stains on Nails

Before applying and kind of self-tanner, rub Vaseline on your cuticles and nails. This will keep the tanner from staining them.


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