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Health and Beauty Tip -- Traveling with Makeup

Instead of using an expensive makeup bag, store your cosmetics in a clear Ziploc freezer bag when going on trips. You'll be able to find what you need without rooting through everything first, and screw-top bottles likely to leak won't make a mess.

Health and Beauty Tip -- The Perfect Haircut

If you can't pick a style, ask your stylist to try a "v-cut" (longer in the back and shorter at the sides). The chin-length hair in the front is universally flattering, and those whose faces may not be complemented by long hair can still have some length in the back.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bringing Out Waves

Use salt water to make waves! Make a simple spray with water and sea salt to bring out the natural waves in your hair, or look for commercial sea salt spray at the store.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Does Short Hair Suit You?

Before cutting off your hair in favor of a shorter style, try this simple method for finding out if it will flatter your face. Take a photo of yourself against a dark background, and use a black Sharpie to "cut off" your hair. If you do decide you like it, don't go short all at once -- cut off a few inches at a time until you find the length ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Essential Oils

If you suffer from acne, try essential oils like tea tree, bergamot, clove, lavendar, or rosewood. The more sensitive your skin is, the more you should dilute it before applying it -- be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle. If rash or irritation occurs, switch to a milder acne-fighting product or consult a dermatologist for other ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Avoid Smudged Mascara

Before applying mascara, use a little extra powder under your eyes, especially if you use concealer or eye cream. Mascara often smudges or runs because it's "attracted" to oily products.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Camouflage Cellulite

There are lots of things you can do to diminish the appearance of cellulite. But for a quick fix, apply some self-tanner.

Health and Beauty Tip -- White Eyeliner

To brighten up your eyes, use a little shimmery eyeliner in white, pink, or silver on the inner corner of each eye, and blend it in. If you're looking for even more effect, highlight the brow line with the same pencil.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Exfoliate Before Makeup

Many women skip a very important step in their makeup routing: exfoliate! Use a gentle exfoliant (there are many made just for the face) beforehand, and you'll find that makeup, moisturizer, and concealer go on more easily ... and look better, too!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Powder vs. Blotting Sheets

It may be tempting to apply extra powder if you find your skin getting oily throughout the day. But if you do this too much, it just builds up and actually looks worse. Invest in blotting sheets -- they really work! -- and use them when you feel like you need powder.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bare Minimum

No matter how flawless your skin is and how you look without makeup, always keep lipstick or gloss with you -- even if you don't wear any foundation or anything else, a little color on your lips can help you look your best. A bit of mascara first thing in the morning is helpful, too, if you feel no reason to spend half an hour in front of the ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Dye Job Fix

Didn't choose your color so well? if you've done a home dye job with semipermanent color, use dandruff or clarifying shampoo to strip out the color (the exact reason you're often told not to use it!). Semipermanent color takes about 48 hours to set, so make sure you shampoo in that time. If not, it should fade in 6-8 weeks.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Facial Hair

If you have dark hair on your face, don't shave it! It doesn't grow in thicker, as many think, but it feels like it does as the shaved ends are coarser. In-home waxing can be painful, and salon waxing or hair removal tend to get pricey (especially the latter). Many women are better off simply lightening the hair to make it less visible.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Doing Your Part ...

... in your hair, that is. If you have a long or oval face, a side part works best -- line it up with arch in your eybrow. Round or square faces can be made to appear longer with a middle part, and prominent foreheads or chins appear smaller with a part that's just slightly off-center. Make sure to part your hair while it's wet, so it dries ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Do You Have Bad Breath?

Blowing into your hands to check your breath doesn't really do any good. Try this: lick the back of your hand and let it dry. Provided you haven't used any heavily-scented soap, this will let you know exactly how your breath smells.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Perfume Samples

Don't throw away the perfume strips from magazines. Find one you think you might like, and put it in your purse. You'll have a chance to find out if you like the perfume, and it's also an easy way to give your purse a nice scent.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Coloring Your Hair During Pregnancy

A lot of pregnant women worry about getting their hair colored, but medical experts agree it's safe after the first trimester. Use highlights rather than full color, though, as it's best to keep as few chemicals from touching your skin as possible.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Squeaky-Clean

If you like that "squeaky clean" feeling you get after you wash your face, you might want to rethink your washing regimen. That feeling isn't clean skin, but dry skin. Your skin should feel soft, not dry and tight, or else you may be dehydrating your skin.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Using Old Lipstick

Ended up with a shade of lipstick you don't like? Don't throw it away -- blend it with one of your favorites. Blending several shades of lipstick is very trendy right now, especially when you layer matte and shimmering colors. It's also a great way to find a custom shade that suits you.

Health and Beauty Tip -- How to Clean Makeup Tools

Make sure your makeup brushes and tools are always clean -- it ensures maximum performance and reduces the likeliness of blemishes. First, hold them under warm, running water (soaking them may loosen the glue that holds them together). Using the soap of your choice, lather them up and rub gently to remove makeup and dirt. Rinse out all the ...Read more


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