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Health and Beauty Tip -- Save Money on Cleansers

Cleansing cloths and facial wipes are handy, but also expensive. When you buy a new package, take some time to cut each cloth in half. You only need half, anyway, and the extra time will save you money in the long run.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Picking a Purse

If you're the type who likes to have everything on hand, make your next purse a lightweight one with rolled or thick straps. Thin straps are uncomfortable to carry when your purse is heavy, and are better suited for women who don't carry much in their bags.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Avoid Static Cling

To fight off static cling, keep a dryer sheet in your purse and rub it on the underside of your skirt or pantyhose.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Simple Anti-Aging Tips

Every little bit helps, but there are simple things you can do you make yourself look younger that don't involve makeup. Whitening strips, for instance, help remove coffee and tea stains from teeth; whiter teeth help you look younger and healthier easily. And there's one that's even simpler -- work on your posture! You'll look thinner ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- When to Brush Wet Hair

Don't start brushing your hair right when you get out of the shower. Get out the majority of the tangles with your fingers first. When your hair is about 80% dry, that's the best time to start. Don't start brushing until your fingers go through your hair easily without hitting tangles.

Health and Beauty Tip -- A Semi-Formal Ponytail

Yes, a ponytail can look nice at the office or a dinner out! Part your hair a bit off-center, and make a loose ponytail in the lower middle of the back of your head. Make sure to dry your hair with a blow dryer and comb it straight. As easy as it might be, making a ponytail while your hair is still wet doesn't look good at all!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Hair Dryer Extensions

Those dryer extensions really are useful! Nozzles direct and concentrate the heat where you need it most; for example, if you have straight hair, a narrow nozzle works perfectly. Diffusers are worthwhile, too -- they can add a lift to flat hair.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Fix for Static in Hair

Invest in an ionic dryer if you find that your hair tends to be frizzy. It seals water into your hair by reducing the size of the water droplets in it.

Health and Beauty Tip -- "Road Map" for Eyebrows

We've given you some tips on plucking your own eyebrows before, but remember ... anything is easier with help from your stylist! If you're not sure of how to shape your brows, have your stylist do it first. You can use that shape as a "road map" so long as you remember to pluck on a semi-regular basis.

Health and Beauty Tip -- What Should You Test?

When picking up new makeup, you can generally get away with buying mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and most eyeshadows without testing them. Lipstick, powder, foundation, and blush all need to be checked before buying. You're not likely to be able to guess without testing.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Fish Helps Wrinkles?

It turns out omega-3 fatty acids are not only good for your heart, but help reduce and prevent wrinkles. Sugar, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. If you're worried about wrinkles and don't already take fish oil supplements, now would be a great time to start. Alternatively, if you're a fan of salmon, you've got an even better excuse...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Hair Care for Busy Moms

Want great-looking hair, but don't have time to style it? Get a simple, straight cut. You can let your hair air-dry when you get out of the shower, and it'll still look great! For a simple cut, you don't have to spend top dollar -- a small, inexpensive salon will do fine, so long as you make sure to go back and keep your cut maintained once ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Hair Loss

If you're losing hair prematurely, see your doctor for a thyroid test. Hypothyroidism, which runs in families, can cause "shedding," even at a young age.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Eyeliner on the Inside?

Should you line the inside rims of your eyes? That depends on whom you listen to. Many beauty experts claim that it's "in" now, but others say it makes your eyes look smaller. It might be better to listen to opthamologists, though -- who warn that lining your eyes this way carries a greater risk of infection.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Warming Up Eyeliner

Before using an eyeliner pencil, pinch the tip between your fingers for a few seconds to warm it up.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Lipstick Color for Fuller-Looking Lips

For fuller-looking lips, avoid neutral shades -- go for reds. Don't be afraid to go a few shades darker, either.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Curling Iron on Curly Hair

If you have naturally-curly hair, you can emphasize it with a curling iron! Wrap about two inches of hair at a time around a medium or large-barrel curling iron, and use some styling mousse as well if you like. The natural curls will hold the wave.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Using Highlighters

Applying highlighters properly can both draw attention to your features and downplay those you don't like. Use a little over the eyes for a "wide-awake" look, or around the cheek for contours and to emphasize the cheekbones.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bad Breath from Coffee

Bad breath can be caused by a lot of things ... including, unfortunately for those of you who rely on it, coffee! If you find you have "coffee breath," switching to decaf won't help. Just try to cut back, or make sure to use breath-freshening products as often as possible.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Trick for Oily Hair

So you washed your hair this morning, but it's already feeling oily again? Get out those oil-blotting strips you use on your face and give your scalp a quick once-over.


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