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Health and Beauty Tip -- Coloring Your Hair

Don't wash your hair immediately before applying color. Your hair needs that natural oil to protect your scalp from the dye, and it also helps the hair shaft absorb the color more easily.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Fix for Oily Skin

Having trouble with oily skin? Keep a bowl of water in the refrigerator and splash some on your face three or four times a day. Not only is it refreshing, but it also tightens your pores.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Makeup and Moisturizing

If you're accustomed to using a heavy moisturizer on your face, stop using it during the day. Use a lighter moisturizer under makeup, and save the heavier one until bedtime. This will help your makeup go on more evenly, and is more effective than "laying it on" twice a day.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Focus on the Face

When applying makeup, draw attention to one part of your face: either your eyes or your lips. Wearing large amounts of lipstick and eyeshadow at the same time divides the focus and isn't very flattering. Pick one to accentuate and tone down the other.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Treatment for Tired Eyes

To rejuvenate tired eyes, lay a slice of cold cucumber over each eye -- it really works! The reason is simple, though: anything cool over your eyes helps reduce redness, and makes them feel better, too. If you're looking for something easier, use a cool, damp washcloth instead.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Hair Tip

If you can't get your hair to "do its thing" in the morning, invest in some hair clips and decorative sticks. It only takes a minute to twist your hair back and clip it into place, and the right hair accessories can still make your 'do look sophisticated. Use a bit of hairspray if you're worried about fly-aways.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Under-Eye Blemishes

Before you apply under-eye concealer, take a moment to use some anti-redness eyedrops. That alone will help reduce redness, making your concealer or makeup stick more effective.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Eye Makeup

In a hurry? A single coat of mascara doesn't take much time to apply. A little bit of eyeshadow in a color complementary to your outfit can also bring out your eyes. It should only take a few seconds to apply shadow, but if you're in a real rush, mascara alone will work fine.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Simple Hand Massage

To stimulate circulation in your hands, rub the palm of one hand over the back of the other, then repeat with the other hand -- something like washing your hands. In addition to stimulating circulation, it also warms your hands.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Cover up Dark Circles

Make your concealer more effective by checking the color of the dark circles under your eyes first. If they're gray, apply a soft pink eyeshadow to the dark area before you put on your concealer. If they're more bluish, use light peach eyeshadow. Also, don't use concealer that's too light (two shades or more lighter than your natural skin ...Read more

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