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Health and Beauty Tip -- Vitamin C Before Bed?

If you take a vitamin C supplement, make sure to take it earlier in the day. Taking vitamin c late at night can actually contribute to sleeplessness.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Make Your Makeup Last

To make makeup last all day, spray mineral water on your face once you're finished with it. Don't try to dry it off; it will dry on its own, and keep your makeup from fading.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bright Colors in Fashions

If you believe you have a "problem area" in your figure, use bright colors to draw attention elsewhere. For example, women with wide hips might benefit from a brightly-colored top.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Products for Dandruff

Dandruff and a flaky scalp are two very different things -- dandruff tends to stay at the root of your hair, while the little white flakes that most people think is dandruff is actually flaky scalps. Make sure to read shampoo labels closely to make sure you're getting the right product. Many companies mismarket their products as dandruff ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Anti-Aging Antioxidants

You probably keep hearing about antioxidants, but what do they do? As the name might suggest, they clear out oxidants -- toxins that are released whenever something burns, such as smoking a cigarette or the body burning off food to provide energy. These can be cancelled out with foods like carrots, tomatoes, oranges, broccoli, nuts, and fish. ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Cold Nose

What can you do about a red nose in cold weather? Unfortunately, very little. But you can hide it with some extra makeup, especially if you use a foundation with green undertones on the end of your nose to cancel out some of the red.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Pumpkin Seeds

Have you ever toasted pumpkin seeds at Halloween? Don't wait until the holiday to eat them. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium, and area also high in omega-3. One handful a day makes a big difference.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Applying Moisturizer

When applying moisturizer as part of your daily routine, make sure not to use it directly around your eyes -- this skin is more likely to retain fluid, and moisturizer will make the under-eye area appear puffier. But do remember to use some on your neck and throat; skin can become dry there, too.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Check Your Water

No matter what kind of facial cleanser you use, check what kind of water you have access to. Hard water can be just as detrimental to skin as plain soap, and can dry it out.

Health and Beauty Tip -- "Firming Up" Your Chin

To hide a double chin, get some brownish-rose blush and brush it along your jawline from just below your ears to your chin. Use a very small amount of white powder on the tip of your chin to complete the slimming effect.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Eat Right to Counter PMS

If you don't like vitamin supplements or over-the-counter drugs, you can counter PMS by changing your diet. Pasta, vegetables, and whole grain cereal and bread can help alleviate PMS symptoms. Be sure to avoid things like chocolate, coffee, and caffeinated sodas, as this can make the symptoms worse.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Strengthen Your Nails

Before you go to bed every night, use a nail-strengthening cream on your nails (and under, if they're long). This also keeps them hydrated, which is essential for healthy nails.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Choosing Powder

When choosing powder, it is (of course) important to match the color of your skin ... but if you're looking for a warmer glow, try something with a pink or peach tint. With pressed powder, you might want to choose something a little lighter than your skin tone.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Choosing Eyeliner

Make sure the color of your eyeliner complements your eyes. Dark brown eyes benefit from plum shades. If you have lighter eyes, try navy and charcoal. Brown eyeliner works well no matter what color your eyes are!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Open Your Eyes

To accentuate your eyes, use a little white eyeshadow just under the brow at each corner of the eye.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Pantyhose in the Shower

Put worn-out pantyhose to good use! If your skin is too sensitive for other exfoliants, cut off a large enough piece to cover your hands and use it in the shower. The fine texture exfoliates without being harsh. You can also cut a small piece of pantyhose to cover the drain. This allows water to seep through, and when you're done showering ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- A Few Final Holiday Beauty Tips

Before you go out for dinner tonight, try a few of these quick tips:

* Instead of lip liner, use some shimmering lip gloss. It saves time, and can be reapplied quickly if necessary.

* Simple, non-fussy hairstyles are popular this season. Do your hair in a simple bun if you have long hair, or use some jeweled barrettes and combs if you have ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Holiday Makeup

The holidays are special, so forget about matte eyeshadow when you go out! Younger women can experiment with shadows with frost, and mature women will look great going for shadows with a satiny finish. Avoid glitter, though ... that's a little too much!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Deep Conditioning

To help your conditioner do its job, wrap a hot towel around conditioned hair for a few minutes before washing it out. The heat gives a deep conditioning effect that you might not get otherwise.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Extra Sunscreen

If you're going out in the sun, don't forget to cover your scalp! Wearing a hat is the obvious solution, but you can also use sunscreen. Find a non-greasy, spray-on formula; lotions and creams will make your hair oily.

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