Health and Beauty Tip -- Not Used to Makeup?

If you're new to (or bad at) applying makeup, start with your lipstick. The color and brightness will be a good gauge as to how much you should make up your eyes and cheeks. Remember, never draw attention to more than one part of your face at a time!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Lipstick as Blush

Lipstick can be used as a long-lasting blush, provided you apply it lightly and sparingly. Lipstick has a much darker pigment, and a little goes a long way.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Applying Concealer

When applying concealer under your eyes, pat, don't rub. You'll use less and get more out of what you do use.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Soft Feet

The tough skin on your feet benefits from the heavy moisturizing properties of lanolin. Whether you apply it during the day or under socks before you go to sleep, you'll notice softer skin on your feet in no time!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Great Hair at 40

If you're over 40, try a shoulder-length, layered haircut. Short hair and blunt cuts aren't as flattering. No matter what cut you go with, don't overstyle. Less is more -- keep it natural-looking.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

What's the difference? Sunscreen absorbs UV rays and scatters them, while sunblock reflects them entirely. Sometimes sunscreens with SPF numbers of 15 or higher are advertised as sunblock -- but sunblock doesn't need an SPF number, as it reflects all rays. If you burn easily, go with sunblock; if you want a tan, buy sunscreen and make sure ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Shower Gel

Believe it or not, those popular bath and shower gels can dry out your skin! You're better off using a simple moisturizing bar soap. If you still want to use body wash, check the ingredients and find something that doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate -- that's what gives gels their negative effects.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Stop Frizzy Hair

If you've got a problem with frizzy hair -- especially if your hair is naturally curly -- limit use of any heated styling tools (including blowdryers) to 2-3 times a week. Let your hair air-dry for the rest of the week.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Applying Product

Are you applying hair products correctly? Just spraying or applying it on top doesn't do much for your hair. Get the most out of your spray or gel by saturating your hair with the product, then combing through using a wide-toothed comb so every strand is coated.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Smooth Flyaways

For small, fine flyaways, don't layer on even more hairspray. Take a baby toothbrush, spray it with hairspray, and brush the flyaway hair gently into place.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Touching up Gray Strands

Rather than doing a full dye job to cover a few gray hairs, buy a mascara wand and basic hair dye that matches your natural color. Use the wand instead of the brush that comes with the dye, and touch up the gray more quickly and with less mess than doing all your hair.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Using Body Scrub at Home

If you have a good body scrub you use at home, scrub towards your heart when you use it. Start at your feet and work up to your torso. When doing your arms, start at the fingertips and work up to your shoulders. Massage gently in circular motions to avoid scrubbing too hard.

Health and Beauty Tip -- 2-in-1 Shampoo

Is 2-in-1 shampoo really as good as they say? If you have normal, healthy hair, yes. But oily hair doesn't need extra conditioner, and dry hair needs even more conditioning than 2-in-1 shampoo offers. If you have dry hair, use regular separate shampoo and conditioner.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Lather, Rinse, Repeat?

If you have short or thin hair, you don't really need a second wash. But if you have longer, thicker hair, you may want to follow the advice on the bottle.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Different Shampoo

Using the same kind of shampoo over and over can cause buildup as your hair "gets used to it." Switching shampoos on a regular basis is helpful, but easy to forget. To make it easier to stick with it, buy a large pump bottle and layer up to four different shampoos in equal amounts until the bottle is full.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Drying Nail Polish

Nail polish actually takes an hour to dry completely! Even though it feels dry to the touch several minutes after you finish, make sure to keep your hands clear of anything that could smudge or chip your polish for approximately one hour afterwards.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Would You Be a Good Blonde?

Can't decide whether to go blonde? If you were as a child, you have the right skin tone to pull it off now. If not, trust your stylist's judgment.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Add Volume on the Way to Work

Turn up the volume in your car. Use volumizing spray along your hairline in the morning, then wear sunglasses on your drive to work to hold your hair back. Take off the shades once you get to work and enjoy the results!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Traveling with Makeup

Instead of using an expensive makeup bag, store your cosmetics in a clear Ziploc freezer bag when going on trips. You'll be able to find what you need without rooting through everything first, and screw-top bottles likely to leak won't make a mess.

Health and Beauty Tip -- The Perfect Haircut

If you can't pick a style, ask your stylist to try a "v-cut" (longer in the back and shorter at the sides). The chin-length hair in the front is universally flattering, and those whose faces may not be complemented by long hair can still have some length in the back.



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