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Health and Beauty Tip -- Workout for Arms

You can keep your arms in shape by lifting weights -- or water bottles! Full water bottles are an excellent replacement for hand weights.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Cut Back on Coffee

How much is too much? Any more than four cups of caffeinated coffee each day can lead to bladder irritation. The same amount of caffeine in chocolate, caffeinated tea, or cola can do the same thing, so watch your intake!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Self-Tanner on Face

Never use self-tanner on your face by itself! Mix equal parts tanner (one shade darker than your natural skin tone) and moisturizer in your hands, and apply it over your face and neck. Be sure to use remaining tanner on your earlobes and upper ears, and always wash your hands afterwards. Remember to use sunscreen, even with tanner!

Health and Beauty Tip -- New Sunscreen

When buying sunscreen this summer, look for two new ingredients: meroxyl and helioplex. These will help protect from both UVA and UVB rays, and are showing up in more and more products this year.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Natural-Looking Waves

Try wavy hair for a new summer style. Use styling spray, then curl your hair in alternate directions: first inward, then outward, and so on. Instead of brushing it out whn you're done, tousle it with your fingers.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Fix for Oily Hair

Didn't have a chance to wash your hair yesterday? If you have light hair, sprinkle baby powder on a comb or brush and run it through your hair, focusing on the roots, to absorb oil. Don't try this if you have dark hair -- instead spray your roots and part with hairspray, then rub with a towel. The alcohol in the spray will help to absorb any ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Sugar for Prematurely-Aging Skin

Mix 3 tbsp of sugar with 4 tbsp of warm water. Once the sugar has dissolved (so it doesn't scratch your skin), rub it gently onto your face and leave it for ten minutes. Be sure to rinse your skin completely. Sugar acts as a natural exfoliant, as well as reducing lines and wrinkles.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Use Sunscreen ...

... on your hands! Even when applying your own sunscreen or sunblock, it's important to apply it to your hands they way you would the rest of you. Too much exposure to sun can age them prematurely. You can use special products made for hands, or your regular sunscreen or subnblock.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Milk Before Bed

Before bedtime, drink a glass of skim of 1% milk. It's a simple way to increase your calcium intake, and it helps some people get to sleep faster.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Avoiding Dye Stains

To make sure no dye gets on your skin after you color your hair, rub a little shampoo along the hairline and anywhere else the dye has touched your skin right before rinsing it out. This will lessen any staining without affecting the color of the dye.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Overnight Undereye Treatment

Dark circles under eyes can be caused by a lack of oxygen to your skin. To combat this, combine one teaspoon of whole, plain yogurt with half a teaspoon of fast-acting baker's yeast. Apply under your eyes with a clean eyeshadow brush right before bed, and make sure to rinse it off in the morning.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Lipstick on Chapped Lips

The sort of makeup you use can actually prevent chapped lips. Use or switch to glossy lipstick, as matte has no moisturizers (and can actually dry out your lips on its own).

Health and Beauty Tip -- Sensitive Teeth

Before bed, rub a tiny bit of toothpaste along the gumline near the sensitive teeth -- you shouldn't brush or rinse afterwards.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Discolored Nails

Stop discoloration on your fingernails and toenails before it happens -- always use a clear coat under your polish. It takes a little extra time, but your nails will be much better off!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Lower Sodium in Your Diet

There are plenty of simple ways to reduce your sodium intake in addition to foods marketed as "low-sodium." Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (canned and even frozen ones contain high amounts of sodium), switch to lowfat dairy products, and taste your food before you put salt on -- you may not need it!

Health and Beauty Tip -- What Causes Bad Breath?

You already know you need to brush, floss, and yes, even brush your tongue. But antihistamines, nasal sprays, and even antidepressants, all of which dry out your mouth, can give you bad breath, too.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Using Primers

Most cosmetic lines these days make "primers" to apply under your foundation. This makes your makeup last longer, and prevents oil from coming to the surface. A primer doesn't have to be expensive to work well, and it's likely your favorite brand makes it.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Are You Washing Your Face Too Much?

It's possible to "overwash" your face, especially if you have oily skin you're trying to dry out. Overwashing can actually cause, rather than prevent acne, as well as rashes and dermatitis. If you have any of these symptoms, consider switching products.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Long Nails

Not only are long nails "out," they're also inconvenient! If you're on a computer on a regular basis, you're likely to break your nails as you type. Short, rounded nails look best, and are much more comfortable when you work or type.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Moisturizer Before Bedtime

If your favorite moisturizer has SPF protection, buy a different kind to use at bedtime. Your skin doesn't need the extra ingredients at night.


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