Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Nail Tip

If you don't have time to do your nails, try this: remove any nail polish, soak your nails in lemon juice to get rid of stains, then use a nail buffer for a quick shine.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Styling Fine Hair

If your hair lacks body, here's a quick tip: lower your head and brush your hair from underneath while you dry it. It really does work! If you still want a little more body, use a round brush.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Help for Damaged Hair

Give your hair time to repair itself. Keep the heat off by letting your hair air-dry as often as possible. If you must use a hair dryer, use a nozzle to put some distance between you and the dryer's heat.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Keep Away the Frizz

If you have naturally curly hair, you may get frizzy as your hair dries. There's a simple solution -- don't touch it! Wait until your hair is at least 90% dry (either let it air dry or use a diffuser) before touching it, then tousle it with your fingers to style.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Eye Enhancement

Don't have time (or energy) for full makeup? Even a little work on your eyelashes can brighten your whole face. Curl your lashes and put on a bit of mascara -- it only takes a second, and it makes your eyes look great in a hurry.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Look Rested

Always make sure to get the right amount of sleep ... but if you just can't one night, you don't have to look exhausted the next day. Before you shower, apply a thick layer of moisturizer to your face. Use an invigorating shower gel and end with a cool rinse. Gently massage off the moisturizer at the end of the shower with a damp washcloth. ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Food for Healthier Skin

Drinking lots of water really is good for you, and it also keeps your skin looking younger and healthier. Low-sugar fruits, like berries and melons, also help keep your skin firm without being so sweet as to increase your blood sugar (which encourages water retention and increased inflammation).

Health and Beauty Tip -- Food for Shiny Hair

Want to give your hair a little extra shine? Increase the amount of vitamin E in your diet -- nuts and green vegetables are good for this. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids also improve your hair's health ... you can get those from salt-water fish and dark green, leafy veggies.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Complementing Your Clothing

Contrary to popular belief, it's not necessary to match the color of your outfit exactly when choosing makeup. The first thing you should bear in mind is your skin tone -- what looks best on you? Once you know what colors work best for you, choose from those to complement what you're wearing.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Treat Yourself During Diets

Remember, it's not healthy to cut all fat from your diet. Your body still needs a little to maintain good health. One way to do this is to, on occasion, treat yourself to a little of your favorite food. Your body won't crave it as much, which will discourage binging later on. Just don't overdo it -- be responsible!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Green Tea

Don't wait until you go out for sushi to have green tea! Studies show that green tea can actually speed up your metabolism, helping your body burn fat and calories more quickly. Try replacing your regular coffee or tea with green tea when you have the opportunity.

Health and Beauty Tip -- More Uses for Vinegar

You may have read before that drinking apple cider vinegar is good for your body ... but guess what? It's also good for your hair! Rinsing your hair with about a tablespoon of vinegar in two cups of warm water after shampooing helps get rid of any shampoo residue. It also adds shine and strengthens hair -- good news for women with fine hair.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Eating Before Bed

Contrary to popular belief, snacks eaten before bed don't turn straight into fat! As long as the calorie intake fits into your diet plan, you can have something to eat before bed -- the calories will be burned off the next day, and even while you sleep. However, it's still better to eat earlier in the day, when your body needs the extra energy.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Help for Tired Feet

If your feet are hurting after a long day, try this: soak your feet in warm water mixed with bath salts for about ten minutes. Don't just dry your feet off afterwards, though -- wash them with soap and water, then apply some moisturizer.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Preserve Your Manicure

To avoid that annoying chipped polish at the end of your nails, apply a clear top coat over your nail polish on occasion. It'll preserve your manicure and add extra shine.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Help for Oily Hair

If you have trouble with oily hair, make sure you're not using any products that claim to give your hair "extra shine" -- you have plenty already! Make sure you don't use two-in-one shampoo/conditioners or anti-frizz products, either. Instead, consult a beautician. For a quick fix, rub a little talcum powder into dry hair at the roots ... and...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Choosing the Right Brush

The type of hair brush (or comb) you use has a big influence on your hair. If you have short hair, try a short brush with soft, protective bristles. Medium-length straight hair benefits from a paddle brush, and wavy hair needs an extra-large, round brush to get rid of tangles. For long hair (anything past your shoulders), use a ceramic brush ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Air-Drying Your Hair

Every once in awhile, air-drying your hair can be good for it -- as long as you do it right. Make sure you use an absorbent towel to speed up drying time, and blot your hair gently instead of rubbing it (rubbing can cause frizziness and split ends). For extra volume and waves, pull your hair back with large clips until it dries.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Fix for Oily Skin

Having trouble with oily skin? Keep a bowl of water in the refrigerator and splash some on your face three or four times a day. Not only is it refreshing, but it also tightens your pores.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Makeup and Moisturizing

If you're accustomed to using a heavy moisturizer on your face, stop using it during the day. Use a lighter moisturizer under makeup, and save the heavier one until bedtime. This will help your makeup go on more evenly, and is more effective than "laying it on" twice a day.


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