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Traveling for the new year? Here's how to avoid getting sick

Has your new year ever been totally ruined because you got sick on the way to a loved one's house? It happens to the best of us. You are working so hard to get everything done before you head home for the new year that you neglect yourself. Instead you focus on buying the perfect goodies and disentangling your schedule (which is impossible). All...Read more

Beauty: As cold weather comes, preventative steps can help you avoid winter flakes

Cracks appear on the heels or near fingernails. Your hands, arms and legs feel drier, flakier.

Yeah, winter and skin don't get along well.

In part, the fault lies in spending more time indoors around forced-air central heating. Another culprit is taking longer, hot showers when outdoor temperatures fall. But that creature comfort strips the ...Read more

55 Plus: How to avoid common aches and pains of aging

One of the biggest complaints that come with aging is painful stiffness that begins to affect certain joints - like the knees, hips, and shoulders. But a little work on your part can help prevent that pain. The equation is simple and involves only two things: joint cushioning and synovial fluid.

For those who wonder "What's that?" ...Read more

Oldest Pearl Harbor veteran remembered at patriotic funeral

POWAY, Calif. - On Thursday, Dec. 13, Poway said goodbye in grand and patriotic fashion to its most famous citizen, Ray Chavez, who until his death at age 106 last month, was the nation's oldest surviving Pearl Harbor veteran.

After a 90-minute funeral Mass at St. Michael's Catholic Church on Pomerado Road, the funeral cortege led by dozens of...Read more

Rest easy knowing these gifts are what the sleepiest among us are dreaming of

With all the baking, shopping, wrapping and celebrating the holidays bring, resting and sleeping are often the first things to go. And while you can't add hours to someone's day or tuck them in for a good night's sleep at the end of every day, you can spoil them with tidings of comfort and ZZZs by giving gifts that promote solid sleep - or help...Read more

Holidays are a great time to work out together

The holiday season offers us yet another opportunity to get cozy, demonstrate our love, and best of all, workout together!

Working out together is one of the best "anytime" gifts you can give to your partner, besides that, it can be especially nice and romantic during the holiday season. Working out together also works regardless of ...Read more

Social Security and You: My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa:

I wrote you a similar letter last year. But I must have been a bad boy because you didn't grant me any of my wishes. So I'm going to try again. I think I've been mostly a good boy this time around. Oh sure, a few of my readers got upset with me when I said something they didn't like. But I live by this maxim: I can please some of my...Read more

Social Security: Understanding spouses' benefits

Marriage is a cultural institution that exists all over the world. Having a partner means sharing many things including a home and other property. Understanding how your future retirement might affect your spouse is important. When you're planning for your fun and vibrant golden years, here are a few things to remember:

If a spouse accepts ...Read more

Social Security and You: Married More Than Once

I got to chatting with someone about 30 years younger than me the other day at our local library. We were sharing stories about our lives and careers and families. He expressed surprise at two elements of my life that I just thought of as sort of normal. I told him I had worked for the Social Security Administration for about 33 years. And I ...Read more

Social Security and Medicare, working together

Social Security and Medicare have worked side by side for decades. Both programs have improved the quality of life for millions of Americans.

Social Security reaches almost every family and, at some point, touches the lives of nearly all Americans. We're with you through life's journey - from birth to your golden years. Social Security helps ...Read more

Apple watch monitors falls, track heart rhythms

For more than a decade, the latest Apple products have been the annual must-have holiday gift for the tech-savvy. That raises the question: Is the newest Apple Watch on your list - either to give or receive - this year?

At first glance, the watch appears to be an ideal present for Apple's most familiar market: the hip early adopters. Its ...Read more

Social Security and You: Is That Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

It's always fascinating to me how people can look at the same situation and see things totally differently. For example, I look in the mirror and see Brad Pitt's slightly older brother starting back at me. But my wife looks at me and sees a grizzled old Gabby Hayes look-alike!

But I digress. We've all heard of the proverbial "Is the glass half ...Read more

Social Security: Helping veterans and active duty military members

Social Security honors veterans and active duty members of the military every day by giving them the respect they deserve. Social Security's disability program is an important part of our obligation to wounded warriors and their families.

For military members who return home with injuries, Social Security is a resource they can turn to. If you...Read more

Social Security and You: Taking Your Benefits at Age 62

Q: In a recent column, you said that most people retiring today are waiting until 70 to start their Social Security. But I read an article in USA Today quoting Social Security Administration statistics stating the majority of retirees take their Social Security at 62. Where did you get your information?

A: Yes, you are right and so is USA Today...Read more

Social Security: In this season of giving, help a loved one with money management

During the holiday season, we surround ourselves with family and friends, some of whom may rely on us for a number of reasons. An aging parent might need help clearing snow. A sibling may require help after a surgery. And as we get older, our family members might need help managing their finances. In fact, more than eight million people who get...Read more

Social Security and You: My Advice is to Get a Voodoo Doll or Marry an Old Goat!

Q: I am 64 years old. I was married to a man who was 15 years younger than me. He was a lawyer and made really good money. I married him for love. I'm really not sure why he married me. Anyway, we got divorced a few years ago. And now that I'm pushing Social Security age, I realize what a big mistake I made. He told me he plans to work until he ...Read more

Boomer U: Mega-dosing vitamin D may be right for some patients

More than 40 percent of the U.S. population is estimated to have a vitamin D deficiency, especially in regions with less year-round sun exposure.

The vitamin, which is vital for the body's absorption of calcium, is available over-the-counter, with dosages typically from 600 international units to 2,000 IU. For people with a severe vitamin D ...Read more

55 Plus: Don't take your fitness for granted

Readers know I never write about myself, but what follows is not about me. It's about my friend, Bob. He and I have been adventure buddies for many years. We would go on great hikes to places neither of us had been before; we would skate for miles along nearby paved trails, we would discover new restaurants together.

Notice that I use the past...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossing a grand and glorious experience

First cruise line to have a children's playroom, lounge for women, gymnasium, ship's newspaper and hot and cold water in every cabin. First to offer a world cruise, introduce refrigeration at sea, launch a ship lit by electricity, provide private facilities in every passenger cabin, send an SOS signal, debut a health spa.

Cunard. From the very...Read more

Can being nice to cows save the world? A Hindu man in the Poconos would like to believe so.

JACKSON TWP, Pa. - Every day, a joyful man in dung-covered boots tries to balance the world's karma by dishing out love, compassion and the occasional fried Indian delights to his ragtag herd of cows.

Sankar Sastri loves Sri, the shaggy Scottish highlander with eyes like jewels and adores Lakshmi, a little, black brahman with horns pointing ...Read more

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