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A hospital's human touch: Why taking care in discharging a patient matters

The kidney doctor sat next to Judy Garrett's father, looking into his face, her hand on his arm. There are things I can do for you, she told the 87-year-old man, but if I do them I'm not sure you will like me very much.

The word "death" wasn't mentioned, but the doctor's meaning was clear: There was no hope of recovery from kidney ...Read more

Feel like the last friend standing? Here's how to cultivate new buds as you age

Donn Trenner, 91, estimates that two-thirds of his friends are dead.

"That's a hard one for me," he said. "I've lost a lot of people."

As baby boomers age, more and more folks will reach their 80s, 90s - and beyond. They will not only lose friends but face the daunting task of making new friends at an advanced age.

...Read more

Social Security and You: Widows Must Sign Up for Benefits in Person

Q: I think you made an error in a recent column. You said anyone can file for Social Security benefits online. But when I tried to file for widow's benefits online, I learned that I could not do that. Were you wrong?

A: Yes, I was. I checked, and sure enough, a widow must file a claim in person either by phone or at her local Social Security ...Read more

Social Security: 10 powerful ways to use Social Security online

Chances are good that you use the internet or a cell phone app every day. Social Security has you covered. We've created online tools to make the lives of millions of people easier. We've put together a top ten list of easy-to-use resources for you.

Want access to our latest news, retirement planning tips, and helpful information? Social ...Read more

Social Security and You: A Mixed Bag

Usually, I like to focus my column around one topic. But today I'll just open up my email inbox and pull out a hodgepodge of questions.

Q: I am 64 years old. I plan to start my Social Security at age 66. My husband is 62 and has been getting Social Security disability benefits for several years. His benefit rate is higher than mine will be by $...Read more

Social Security: A source of independence for millions

On July 4, people in communities everywhere celebrate our nation's independence with neighbors, family, and friends. A strong community promotes independence by helping each other lead full and productive lives.

Social Security has been helping people maintain a higher quality of life and a level of independence for over 80 years. Over those ...Read more

Social Security and You: One Crazy Email Misleads Many

We all know that the internet can be a force for good -- spreading knowledge and education to people around the world. But sadly, it also can be an instrument of insanity -- a tool that can be corrupted by con artists to spread lies and half-truths to an easy-to-fool public.

I am reminded of this almost daily when people send me emails with ...Read more

Social Security: Three common ways your Social Security payment can grow after retirement

You made the choice and now you are happily retired. You filed online for your Social Security benefits. They arrive each month in the correct amount exactly as expected. But, did you ever wonder if your Social Security check could increase?

Once you begin receiving benefits, there are three common ways benefit checks can increase: a cost of ...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Orlando's chambers of secrets magical fun for foodies, Harry Potter fans

An unexceptional door hidden in plain view slides open at the push of a button to reveal a speakeasy bar with elixirs like a Blonde Donkey and Monkey in the Vault, and a restaurant with such restorative "prescriptions" as double-cut brined pork chops and cast iron seared prime rib-eye steaks.

An alluring tea room that would look ...Read more

Orlando woman has 104 years worth of wisdom

Like a lot of people who've moved to Orlando, Magdalena Justiniano's life was disrupted by the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico.

No, not Hurricane Maria. Remember Hurricane San Felipe?

She has no trouble recalling the storm, since she was 14 years old when it devastated her hometown.

Recently, she turned the big 1-0-4. It's unclear whether ...Read more

55 Plus: Make a social network to save your life

The headlines in the news, while rarely cheery, have been particularly glum of late. Much more attention is being paid to the rising toll of suicide.

This isn't even including celebrities who seem to have had it all but were fighting inner demons the world knew nothing about. I live in Utah, which has the fifth highest suicide rate in America....Read more

Battling rising cost of living? Seeking a community? Try the cohousing lifestyle

Not long ago, a story about a place called "The Llano Exit Strategy" made the rounds on social media, and people of a certain age nearly lost their minds.

A group of eight friends had purchased 10 acres of land along a river in Texas and had an architect design four, eco-friendly tiny houses (350 square feet) that cost $40,000 a pop,...Read more

Boomer U: Middle age aches could be osteoarthritis

You first notice swelling in a finger or a stiff knee when you get up in the morning.

In those moments, you brush it off as the normal aches and pains of aging. But it might be arthritis.

The joint disease osteoarthritis is thought to be on the rise, partly because of active baby boomers and also higher U.S. obesity rates. It occurs from the ...Read more

Dating Coach: 5 healthy steps for surviving a break up

An important relationship has just ended and you'll want to do some processing and reflecting about the relationship by yourself.

Take time to ask yourself questions like the ones below that will help you gain an understanding of exactly what happened so you don't repeat similar dating and relationship patterns with a new man in a future ...Read more

Social Security and You: Men Ask About Widow's Benefits

I get lots of questions about widow's benefits. And surprisingly, most of them come from men concerned about the benefits their wives will get after they die. Here are some examples.

Q: I waited until I was 70 to start my Social Security. Those benefits just kicked in last month. I did that for two reasons: to maximize my retirement benefits ...Read more

Social Security: How the work rules work for you

Retirement doesn't have the same meaning for everyone. Some people plan to retire and never work again. Some people plan for second careers in occupations that wouldn't have adequately supported their families, but they do the work for pure enjoyment. Some people, whether by design or desire, choose to work part-time or seasonally to supplement...Read more

Social Security and You: The Basics of Applying for Social Security Benefits

I've saved up a bunch of questions that have to do with applying for various kinds of Social Security benefits. Frankly, I think of most of them as rather elementary. But then I remind myself that I've dealt with Social Security issues almost every day of my life for the past 45 years. And most of my readers deal with the program, at least in a ...Read more

Social Security: Social Security supports people battling cancer

In 2018, more than 1 million people will be diagnosed with cancer around the world. This alarming statistic affects people and families everywhere. On June 3, 2018, we observe National Cancer Survivors Day in the United States. In support of this day, Social Security encourages getting checkups to provide early detection, raise awareness ...Read more

What's on your bucket list? Granting the dangerous, heartbreaking wishes of Philly seniors

Henry Allhiser, 82, fell in love with Lady Gaga while watching her concerts on HBO at the Wesley Enhanced Living retirement community in Upper Moreland.

He dreamed of seeing the pop star play live - or even meeting her - but he had no real hope of doing so. He hadn't been to a concert since he saw John Denver perform decades ago.

But Allhiser...Read more

Social Security and You: Top Five Social Security Myths

It's time for me to dust off and update a column I write every five years or so about Social Security myths. I could write a book called "The Top 100 Social Security Myths." But I'm having too much fun taking bike rides with my wife and playing Scrabble with her on the back porch to spend time doing that. So instead, I'll just take an hour or so...Read more


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