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Single File: Mystery

Susan Dietz on

-- Did your father hurt your mother in significant ways?

-- Has a man abused you physically or emotionally?

-- Was your father an abusive person? An alcoholic?

-- Did your mother complain to you about your father -- and men in general?

-- Are you afraid in your heart of hearts that a nice man will reject you, and so you reject all men first?

-- Are you overweight to keep men away and to be sure you will be left alone?

-- Did your mother have bad experiences with men when she was young?

-- Does your hostility toward men frighten you? Are you afraid that, if released, it will drown you in its torrent?


-- Do you think you feel friendly toward men?

-- Do you want a good friendship with a man? Have you ever had one?

-- What can you learn from your answers here that will help you build better friendships with men?

-- Will you talk about these questions with your network group? Soon?


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