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Ask Amy: Caregiving duties create sibling resentment

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

(You might also bring your mother-in-law to your house for lunch on some Sundays. Crazy as it might be in your household, a few hours spent with your family might be good for everyone.)

I agree that a family member should accompany her to doctors’ appointments, if possible; the siblings should take a look at the calendar a month in advance and do their best to share this responsibility.

Dear Amy: I lost my husband almost a year ago.

After the funeral a lot of promises were made by my friends and fellow church congregants that would always be there for me in whatever way I needed.

Those promises were sincere, I’m sure, but the majority just went on with their lives. I understand this.

My question is: Why make these promises if you can’t follow through?


Honestly, I would have appreciated a phone call to see how I’m doing, someone dropping in to visit, or inviting me out for coffee.

I’m all alone all week until my son visits on the weekend.

It’s been a lonely year.

– Lonely Widow


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