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Ask Amy: Husband’s tribute turns to tears

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband’s job requires that he be active on social media. His primary account contains mostly work-related content, but he also uses it to direct people to some personal writing and photography.

He has several thousand followers.

I am not active on social media for my own valid reasons, and I understand that my husband can manage his own choices. I have asked him NOT to post personal information about me, but he still shares more information than I would like.

When my mother died, he posted a “tribute” to her on his blog and promoted it on all his accounts. He included lots of personal details, including her maiden and married names.

A few days ago, he forwarded an email to me from a man who had read his blog. The man said he’d done genealogical research and had determined that his grandmother and my mother were half-sisters. He asked if our family was aware of this and invited someone to contact him for more information, if they were interested.

My grandparents were very candid about their past and never indicated that they were hiding a secret. If so, it was clearly information they did not want to share.


I know my husband never intended for something like this to happen, but I resent that he put me in this situation by ignoring my request for privacy.

I have no interest in pursuing this, but other family members might feel differently.

Should I share this with them?

I’m very upset and don’t know what to do.


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