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Ask Amy: Co-worker wonders about disclosing raises

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Further, they write: “When you and another employee have a conversation or communication about your pay, it is unlawful for your employer to punish or retaliate against you in any way for having that conversation.”

Employers tell employees to keep their salaries confidential because it is in the employer’s best interests for their employees to be kept in the dark about co-workers’ compensation and raises.

Review your company’s official policies and any employment agreement you may have signed. Unless you agreed in writing to keep your own salary confidential, then you should be free to exercise your right to disclose it.

If you want to hedge, you could say, “I know for a fact that raises have been given.”

And yes – your friend should get another job.

Dear Amy: The letter from “Mourning” about the emotions surrounding keeping pets alive when they are suffering really got me.


My friend has the same problem with her old and blind spaniel.

I had to make the decision with my own 17-year-old pet, but took the vet’s advice that quality of life was gone and had to think of the animal, not me.

My friend knows what she should do, but she can't. Is there anything you can say to ease the choice?

– Sad


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