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Ask Amy: Husband’s lies are just delaying confrontation

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I feel ready and excited to move on, but some have advised me to wait longer.

What do you think?

– Ready

Dear Ready: If you’re ready and excited, then Godspeed!

However, I think it’s wisest to approach this next period of your life as one where you continue to get to know yourself.

I hope you don’t set your goal to quickly find another partner, but to learn how to date, how to get to know new people, and how to be a good communicator and a great listener. Apply all of these skills to your various friendships, too.

Dating involves exploration, discernment, communicating, coping with disappointment, and – fun.

This is your opportunity to fully embrace a fresh start.

Dear Amy: “I’m not Cheap” was a self-described “minimalist” who didn’t know what to give a child who already had everything.


I loved your suggestion of giving “coupons” for experiences to share with this child.

I had an aunt who used to take me out – away from my siblings – and do fun things with me. We went to the ballet once (I felt so grown up!), and out to dinner afterward.

I’m sure she also gave me gifts, but honestly, I don’t remember any of them.

– Grateful

Dear Grateful: I had an aunt like that. And I’ve tried to be an aunt like that.


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