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Ask Amy: Husband’s lies are just delaying confrontation

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You see this as a trust issue, and I agree. You don’t trust Franklin, but he also doesn’t trust you to react predictably to his various schemes.

Lying or hiding the truth from you until it is too late for you to have a say is cowardly.

Because you two have an otherwise wonderful relationship, I sincerely believe you can work this out, especially with the help of a qualified counselor.

Mediation can show each of you how to communicate differently. You can practice truthful conversations where you resolve challenges, and where you compromise – instead of him lying and you reacting.

Dear Amy: I'm in my 30s. Almost four months ago, I ended a very serious five-year relationship with the man I thought I would marry one day.

He and I lived together.


These last few months have been hard, but I firmly believe I am better off having left the relationship (the only serious relationship I've ever had).

My question is: Is it too soon to move on and start dating again?

I have been in therapy and no longer cry regularly about the breakup.

I will probably always love this man but I'm no longer *in love* with him.


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