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Ask Amy: Husband’s lies are just delaying confrontation

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

This has been going on for decades, including lies that I found out about 10 years later.

This is really starting to affect me.

It's obviously a matter of being able to trust him.

On his part, I get the feeling that he sees me as an impediment that he has to figure out ways of manipulating his way around.

Everything else in our relationship is pretty wonderful, but this is gnawing at me more and more. Is there anything I can do?

– Tired of Being Lied to


Dear Tired: You are (somewhat kindly) seeing this as manipulation.

Manipulation is persuasion plus pressure.

Outright lying saves “Franklin” the trouble of trying to manipulate you.

And inviting family members to stay for days on end in your home without your consent is a flat-out power grab.


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