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Ask Amy: Teen besties might not be a good match

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The word “nibling” first appeared in this column in 2014.

This term is helpful if you don’t know the gender, don’t want to designate gender, or are referring to a group of people in the “nibling” category. Compared to other detailed and inclusive descriptors, “nibling” is also an efficient space-saver, which is always welcome in a column with constraints, such as this one.

Dear Amy: “Big Tipper” said that if you can’t afford a 20 percent tip, you shouldn’t go out to eat – and you agreed!

Really, you are saying that I can’t ever go out to eat if I can’t give a big tip?

My waitress mother would rather have the joy of meeting new people for a minimal tip than have the restaurant close because there are no patrons.

No, it's not generous, its entitled.


– Ready to Dine Out

Dear Ready: A few people called this my Marie Antoinette moment, but in my opinion (having been a waitress), the joy a restaurant worker receives from “meeting new people” is cold comfort, compared to compensation.


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