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Ask Amy: Hairstylist wonders if she’s 'worth it'

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You: (Wait a beat) “… Well, you could always just cut it yourself. [Smile, throw in a subtle hair toss] After all, that’s what I do … otherwise, why pay someone else? Because you’re worth it.”

Dear Amy: Our son is engaged to his girlfriend of five months.

Prior to our knowledge of the engagement, he told us that his girlfriend's parents wanted to meet us.

I told our son that the typical "meet the parents" moment usually occurs later — and since he had been dating his girlfriend for only five months, we barely even know her.

Our son insisted, so we went along with it, and "met the parents" at a casual dinner at their home.

We learned afterwards that our son and girlfriend were planning to get engaged, and everyone in attendance at the dinner knew that, except for us!


I feel betrayed and resentful toward our son. His insistence to go along with what felt like a "secret audition" at the request of her parents was condescending, rude and disrespectful.

They are now engaged (so we must've passed the audition), and I've never said a word about this to him, but I continue to have lingering resentment.

What do you think? Was this weird?

– Irritated Future In-laws


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