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Ask Amy: Hairstylist wonders if she’s 'worth it'

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I would love to know how to handle this with a simple phrase, or do I have to just sit and stew?

– Knotted Up

Dear Knotted Up: I take slight exception to your assumption that people who practice other professions aren’t expected to explain themselves.

Try being a lawyer, physician, or plumber at a party. (Or an advice columnist.)

You don’t have to justify anything when it comes to what you charge for services because every consumer has a choice, and your loyal customers obviously know that you are worth what you charge.

You’ll feel better if you dial into your pride in the worth of what you do, versus feeling defensive about your right to make a good living.


(Think about that famous hair-care advertising campaign: “Why? Because I’m worth it!”)

Here’s a pro tip: A sense of humor always helps.

Try this:

They: “Wow, I can’t believe what my hairdresser charges just to cut my hair!”


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