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Ask Amy: Drunken daughter makes tragedy worse

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband died recently after being hit by a car while out on a walk. He left behind two children from two marriages.

My stepdaughter, "Belle," is 34. My son "Hank" is 24 and on the autism spectrum. He lives at home and takes classes.

Belle is an aspiring actress who tends bar when she doesn't have a wealthy boyfriend to take care of her.

Belle’s mom, “Jodie” and I are very friendly.

My husband was only in the hospital for two days. To their credit, Belle and Jodie drove for hours to see him. At the hospital, Belle was drunk and hysterical. This made a terrible situation worse.

At one point, Jodie told me that Belle had slapped and pushed her to wrestle the car keys from her.


Hank and I were dealing with this stupid drama while my husband took his last breaths.

Hank has decided that his sister is "dangerous" and wants nothing to do with her. He said, "If she hits her mom, she might hit us!"

I told Belle and Jodie via text that the drinking was unacceptable.

Jodie messaged me privately, saying that I was rude and "kicking Belle when she was down."


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