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Ask Amy: Drunken daughter makes tragedy worse

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Jodie is also telling you how to feel and how to respond to a situation that has a direct impact on you.

Jodie is hampering her adult daughter’s chances for recovery by enabling and covering for her now.

I have a tiny quibble with your statement that you can’t “hug it out” when someone is an alcoholic, however.

Hugging it out is actually all you can do. The rest is up to the alcoholic.

From here on out, you should convey: “Belle, I care about you. I hope you get the help you need to attain the sobriety you deserve to have. Your life will change so much when you do. Until then, absolutely no drinking when you are with us.”

Dear Amy: I had to respond to your answer to “Stuck,” who had a group of anti-vax/anti-maskers, as well as a vaccinated but “paranoid” family member to worry about at Thanksgiving.


I am an RN working in a COVID ICU.

I’ve just finished another exhausting shift, and – as tired as I am – I had to respond.

Even though the majority of patients I see in the ICU with COVID are unvaccinated, I do see some vaccinated ones. They could be elderly, overweight, or have poor immune systems, etc.

But they can still get COVID and studies show a higher risk from getting COVID from an unvaccinated carrier.


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