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Ask Amy: Catfishing expedition doesn’t hold water

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I’m trying to move forward from this situation, but I feel like the answers I was given weren’t good, and I don’t know if I believe my boyfriend.

I need a second opinion: How does this situation sound to you?

Do you think he cheated?

Should I put this behind me, move on, and accept his explanation?

– Wondering and Worried

Dear Wondering: Rome's Bocca della Verità, or “Mouth of Truth,” is an ancient marble mask, which according to the popular mediaeval legend will bite the hand off of anybody who has told a lie.


The idea is that you place your hand inside the mouth of this large sculptured mask, and then let the magic of the Bocca della Verita be your lie detector.

(You might recognize this monument from the wonderful Audrey Hepburn/Gregory Peck movie “Roman Holiday.”)

Let me put it this way: If your guy had placed his hand inside the “Mouth of Truth” while spinning his entertaining tale (about his friend using his account to catfish a woman), he would be left holding a bloody stump.

So yes, put this behind you. You also might want to put him behind you.


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