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Ask Amy: A granddaughter requests gran’s bequest

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I have apologized to her for the things I've said and done in the past, but she took it as a chance to make a fight about it.

I honestly believe she is a narcissist.

Is there any way to repair this relationship?

My brother is nonconfrontational and will let her verbally abuse our mother.

His idea of “making peace” is to cut off all contact with us as a way to punish us, because we won't just take her abuse.

He implied that she is mentally ill, and said we just need to let her say what she wants and leave it alone.


I'm not built that way. My personality is to defend my family.

Your advice?

– Defensive

Dear Defensive: People like “Martha” traffic in drama, which is fueled by toxic distortions, and then will “punish” you in order to keep the game going.


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