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Ask Amy: A granddaughter requests gran’s bequest

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Start by acknowledging the loss her sons have experienced and thank them for sharing their mother with you.

Say, “I hope this isn’t too presumptuous, but I’m wondering if you would be willing to pass along something that belonged to her, so I have a tangible reminder of her.” Mention the items you’re interested in receiving.

There is some likelihood that they will not respond at all to your request, or that they will respond negatively.

You should prepare yourself for that and understand that you may have to move forward without possessing the clock or the ashes.

Dear Amy: My brother married “Martha,” a woman 15 years older than he.

She has never made any attempt to be a part of our family.


In fact, she said her goal was to alienate him from us because he was a Mama's boy.

Over the years we have had some very public meltdowns.

She has a habit of posting everything on Facebook. When that happens, my mother and I feel the need to retaliate.

Now they have newborn babies and will not let us be a part of their lives.


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