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Ask Amy: In-home visits might be ‘risky business’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Assuming that half of the customers are men and half are women, should occupants put the toilet seat up or down after using it because they don’t know the gender of the next occupant?

I get yelled at when I’m at home if I leave the toilet seat up, because I'm the only man in the house. Please advise.

– Got to go in L.A.

Dear Got to Go: It is most considerate to treat a public restroom with the same forethought toward the next user as you would treat your bathroom at home.

Men as well as women do sit on the toilet. Falling into the basin because the seat is raised is a definite safety hazard for the next user.

Because you don’t know the purpose and necessary positioning of the next person into the loo (male or female), it seems wisest to always leave the seat down when you exit.


I’ll be happy to take an informal poll of readers who email me on this topic, and report on the results in a future column.

Dear Amy: Every time I see someone in your column comment on the damage that will be done to someone who sleeps with their stuffed animal or blanket into adulthood, I chuckle.

I was given a stuffed puppy for my first birthday, and that puppy went all the way to Vietnam with me 17 years later. It was with me through most of my adult life.

He was finally replaced 20 years ago with a similar puppy that is with me to this day.


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