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Ask Amy: In-home visits might be ‘risky business’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My husband said that maybe Stan realizes that this looks incriminating, and he's overcompensating for our sake.

Or maybe he IS having an affair.

I've lived long enough to know that sometimes things are just the way they seem. Why does this woman show up every time Susan leaves town?

I have kept my mouth shut for a few years now, but I would feel terrible if my suspicions turned out to be true. Should I say something to Sharon, and if so, what could I say that would not cause harm?

Or should I accept that this is none of my business? She is a warm, loving person and I value her friendship.

– Too Close for Comfort


Dear Too Close: “Sharon” has already told you that “Jocelyn” is an occasional presence in their home. As her husband’s long-time business partner, you might assume that if suspicions were to be had, Sharon would have already had them.

You should not draw any further conclusions.

The next time Jocelyn comes around and “Stan” makes his overly loud pronouncement, you and/or your husband should give a hearty wave, introduce yourselves to Jocelyn, and put Stan out of his awkward misery.

Dear Amy: Many new coffee shops and other small businesses have non-gender specific bathrooms these days.


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