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Ask Amy: Home loan leaves couple home alone

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

This seems like a small thing, but it has bigger implications.

Amy, what happens if I loan him $130,000 and he doesn’t pay me back?

This is a large portion of my retirement savings.

I feel like a jerk asking him to sign a promissory note, but I feel I can’t front him this money without having him sign one first.

Am I justified in asking him to sign this note? He’s pushing for the loan.

A realtor has told us that he should ask for four to five days seller possession after close, so we can stay in his house until ours is ready — and directly bring his cash from the sale to the new house’s closing.


Southern Bride

Dear Bride: Your husband’s choice to withhold that $100 definitely has longer-term consequences.

You should pursue getting a legal post-nup agreement, outlining the details of this home deal and clarifying other financial matters.

In my view, you shouldn’t loan him such a large sum, but should take your realtor’s advice to put his money from the sale directly into the new house.


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