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Ask Amy: Home loan leaves couple home alone

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You will learn, however, that wishing will not make it so.

You should shift your focus from “marrying” to “matching.” Consider online matching as a way to get out there and practice. You will no doubt meet others who are also tiptoeing back into the world – rusty, perhaps, but willing.

You could use a dating coach to brush up your matching profile in order to present your very best side and see you through the process.

Dear Amy: No no no – you were so off-base in your response to “Embarrassed Gran,”[CQ] whose 17-year-old grandson slept with his baby blanket and a stuffed toy while he was visiting.

That is a very weird thing to do and that dude is going to be bullied relentlessly if he ever goes to college.



Dear Upset: One reader (whose parents worried about her desire to take her “lovey” to college) quoted her own grandmother, who said, “She’s smart enough to hide it and confident enough not to hide it. She’ll figure it out.”


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