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Ask Amy: Family member wanted to Zoom to a wedding

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What about his loving behavior is embarrassing to you? The fact that he brings his most cherished and comforting friends along with him, and that he treats his possessions – and yours – so respectfully? In my opinion, you should be honored.

Please. He’s fine. He will not be the only young person to bring comfort objects on his life’s journey. Let this go. It most definitely is none of your business.

Dear Amy: I’m responding to the “Empty Nest” writer who enjoys hosting international students during the holidays. The writer’s out-of-state college students object to coming home to a house full of strangers.

I am 100 percent on the kids’ side. Coming home from college for a visit should be a respite filled with hanging out with parents, relaxing in their old bedrooms, and not having to be “on” for a bunch of strangers. These parents should feel lucky their kids want to hang around them.

Yes, it’s great and admirable to help others … but not at the expense of your own kids. Empty Nest should host international students, but not during the holidays when the kids are home.

– Devoted Mom


Dear Mom: Many readers agree with you.


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