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Ask Amy: Family member wanted to Zoom to a wedding

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I feel now that I no longer have family on the West Coast.

Am I wrong to feel that way?

– Distressed

Dear Distressed: Your feelings are your feelings. They are neither wrong nor right.

The essential question is do you want to feel that way?

Weddings can be extremely complicated social and family events, and sometimes marrying couples deliberately don’t invite people to their weddings because they don’t want them to feel pressured to go to the trouble and expense to attend. It’s possible that you fell into that category. Or the couple simply limited their guest list, and you didn’t make the cut.


Or they messed up.

The “Zoom wedding” has really opened up possibilities regarding various layers and levels of wedding guests (thank you, pandemic), and I agree with you that viewing a wedding ceremony from the comfort of your own dining room has its charms.

But some people don’t want to broadcast their weddings, and it is their right to host the wedding that they want to have!

You are upset and hurt. You have expressed this.


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