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Ask Amy: Hubby’s holiday responses leave wife wanting

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I feel like if I have to ask for it, it's not genuine.

I hate talking about it because it just makes me feel ungrateful because it's not like I really want for anything.

– Not Worth Celebrating

Dear Not Worth: People adopt their holiday attitudes and habits from what they experience in childhood. And many children witness tension, unhappiness, dissatisfaction. overindulgence, and anger.

You could help by NOT referring to your husband’s Mother’s Day greeting as “half-assed.”

To me, his greeting sounds like a start. He remembered!


Surely, he has picked up on how let down you feel.

He can now add Mother’s Day to the long list of holidays that he can’t manage to do right.

You two should talk about this! Ask him about the special event celebrations or traditions in his childhood.

You might learn that your husband associates these holidays as big-ticket opportunities to fail in a big way.


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