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Ask Amy: Partner’s online gaming leads to more

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I don’t think his online friendship is necessarily a deal breaker for your impressively long relationship, but it might be one more symptom of a larger problem between you. If your guy is depressed and floundering, he is vulnerable and looking for other ports in his personal storm.

This is about being too immature or self-involved to recognize how his behavior affects and hurts his partner’s feelings.

You’ve staked out your positions, but for your relationship to survive, you both should regroup and discuss ways to come together.

Dear Amy: My brother's daughter has decided to marry an ex-convict who has spent nearly half of his life in prison for rape, assault, destruction of property, and other crimes.

She is a grown woman in her 40s and has never been married. My brother and sister-in-law haven't said much about it, and I'm not sure what their feelings are.

In the meantime, my son and his fiance are planning their wedding, and have stated quite adamantly that they will not invite him to the wedding — nor will they attend any family gathering at which he is present.


I'm not sure how to handle this. It will most certainly affect our relationship with my brother, and will probably put an end to our holiday dinners.

On one hand, I believe that my wife and I could probably at least tolerate him, but on the other hand I will not go against my son's wishes.

Your advice would be most appreciated.

– Terribly Troubled


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