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Ask Amy: Partner’s online gaming leads to more

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Dear Troubled: Your son is an adult. He is making adult-sized decisions about the people he wants to have relationships with, and who he would like to avoid. This is not only his right, but his responsibility.

“I will not go against my son’s wishes” implies that he might have a say in whatever choices you and your wife make.

Your son’s choice will only have a major bearing on your own life if you give him the power to control your relationships, as well as his own.

I can absolutely understand any person’s choice to avoid spending time with a felon convicted of violent crimes.

I can also imagine people who are perhaps a little more seasoned (you and your wife), deciding to wait and see before making a snap judgment about someone they’ve never met.

In the future, when it comes to family gatherings, your son is going to have to make inquiries to see if this man will be present, and then make his own choice.

He and his fiancé have every right to control the guest list for their wedding, however, and you should not interfere.

Dear Amy: In the question from “Upset and Embarrassed,” the writer – a nurse — mentioned that her co-workers had bullied her as a “lunch lady.”


Amy, thank you for taking the opportunity to defend and offer respect to lunch ladies! We work in the school, interact with students when we can, and – most importantly – we feed children.

– Lunch Lady

Dear Lunch Lady: My brief tribute to “lunch ladies” was well-earned, and completely sincere. Thank you for what you do.


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