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Ask Amy: Elder men wonder why they get ‘Sweetied’

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I planted a lot of non-deciduous plants between me and the compost, but I still drive by it every day! I generally talk to people nicely if I am distressed about something, but I don’t feel hopeful here.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

– Heated up by Compost

Dear Heated Up: If your neighbor’s compost pile is close to your house, it could draw scavenging animals and other pests onto your property.

You are very specific about the many ways this offends you, but you are very unspecific about the risks of simply asking your neighbor if he would be willing to move this. If he enters his own property from another direction, he might not be aware of the impact this has on you.

Also check with your town’s highway department to see if there are other remedies you haven’t considered.

Dear Amy: “Teary” was struggling to understand her extremely emotional reaction to her husband new and very large tattoo.


You supplied a lot of compassionate gobbledygook, but Amy, you missed the most important point – this woman has stopped trusting his judgment.

– Experienced

Dear Experienced: Yes, this was the focus of her distress.


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