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Ask Amy: Chronic depression is constant topic

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If the host country we plan to visit requires vaccination, would it be unethical for the rest of us to travel without this couple?

– Eager to Travel

Dear Eager: I don’t see this as an ethical dilemma.

If this man chooses not to be vaccinated, it is his business, and whatever consequences flow from that choice will be his responsibility, including the possibility of having to stay home from a hoped-for trip. It is important that all international travelers follow the destination country’s guidelines for visiting.

Dear Amy: A question from “DNA Dispute” noted that two first cousins learned that while one shared the family DNA through her father, the other cousin did not.

These two concluded that the “other cousin” might have been the result of infidelity, and this has led to estrangement.

You neglected to point out the possibility that the DNA split might have happened in the previous generation and that these cousins’ two dads, who were brothers, might not have been.


– Reader

Dear Reader: Many people pointed to this possibility. Thank you all.


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