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Ask Amy: Age discrimination is no laughing matter

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I’m a woman working in a very woman-dominated profession, as a registered nurse.

I enjoy nursing and working with my patients. I work mostly with other women — some of whom are support staff.

Some of these women are immature (to say the least). Their ages range from 30 to late 40s. I am older.

I generally focus on my job and have been successful at ignoring their rude and sometimes judgmental comments.

The other day I heard them commenting about my appearance; they referred to me as "the lunch lady.”

I was extremely hurt and humiliated. I haven't mentioned this to anyone else at work. I am now feeling resentful, especially toward these two particular women.


How can I just let go of this and not act bitterly toward them?

I just started back in therapy. Normally, I really don't care about the unwelcome comments. Nor do I care what my co-workers think of me on a personal level, but this recent comment hurt me deeply.

I am already sensitive about my age.

Your advice?


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