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Ask Amy: Nightmare bosses bust through boundaries

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I made the in-room coffee and said that gave us a little extra money to work with and I would like to get my own breakfast, but she said she did not like the in-room coffee.

I would rather go out to a less expensive coffee shop and order what I choose to eat, but I am locked into her preferences. She once suggested I should stay with her brother when I traveled to another city in order to save money. I refused. (Oh, did I mention she bought a million-dollar home this year?) I am actively seeking other employment, but I would appreciate any advice.

– Old Lady Undercover

Dear Undercover: Your boss sounds like a nightmare.

I strongly recommend that while at breakfast, you should get busy brushing up your resume and also researching this behavior, which I believe easily rises to the level of legally actionable.

Your boss has created the very definition of a "hostile work environment." She may find that defending herself against a lawsuit would easily eat up all the money she is saving by forcing an employee to share a hotel room.


You can learn more at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website, (search the keyword "harassment").

(December 2011)


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