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Ask Amy: Virtual dating creates actual problems

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

But when everyone in North America starts to sound like a news anchor, we will have lost something important, not to mention charming.

Because your friend brought this up before you two spoke, you have to assume that his accent has been a factor in other encounters and relationships, leading one to assume that he might already be working on it.

The nice thing about the initial stages of getting to know someone is that you can raise these obvious issues and use your discussion as a way to further your understanding of the person. But please remember that the content of a person's character will always be more important than his pronunciation.

(May 2011)

Dear Amy: After 30 years of a wonderful marriage, I was widowed at the age of 51.

At 54, I have dipped my toes into several online dating sites to try to find a match.


My issue is that I used to be quite obese, and since my wife's death, I have shed 135 pounds and gotten my life back.

Most of the responses I have gotten are from ladies 10 years either way of my age and from ladies the size I used to be.

My profile is very specific about my eating and exercise habits. I always answer all responses, and I am always polite and try to let these women know that I am not interested in dating a large woman. I have lived that lifestyle and do not want to go back.

I get a lot of hateful and abusive responses!


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