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Ask Amy: An offer of prayer doesn’t sit well

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I’m 62, and I'll cross my arms anytime I please. But more seriously, he made some very specific and pointed remarks about my boyfriend’s body.

Yes, my guy is extremely good looking, but this was completely inappropriate and creepy.

I'm so grateful that my boyfriend didn't hear it, but I did.

How can I shut him down if it happens again?

– Back Off, Buddy

Dear Buddy: Note to you: People wearing beer goggles usually lack depth perception.


Just because this blowsy couple latches onto you and seems to like you a lot does not obligate you to like them in return.

The best way to respond to a drunken person in a bar is to politely disregard him. I do not suggest trying to reason with him or to engage in any kind of word play: this will only add fire to his alcohol-fueled feedback loop; it might also enrage him.

The next time these two very friendly people plow into you while plowed and you don’t like it, you could say, “We’re going to sit over here and have a private chat now. You two be careful getting home, OK?”

Dear Amy: “Curmudgeon in California” wrote in describing a Zoom-based baby shower including more than 100 people!


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