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Ask Amy: Food-snatching incident leaves bad aftertaste

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If these family members don’t ever give gifts to you (you don’t mention this), receiving gifts might actually make them feel uncomfortable. They might be passively trying to discourage you from continuing.

You have a loving and happy family. Your family will still be loving and happy, whether or not you choose to give gifts. Once you understand this, you will be liberated from worrying about it.

I’m with your husband about this. If it feels good, do it, not out of obligation, but for the pure joy of experiencing your own generosity.

Dear Amy: “Hate to Ask” was perturbed that their mother had left more inheritance to a friend than to her.

Children often feel entitled to inheritance, while friends often earn it. Friends may help someone get through the everyday difficulties of life, including those brought on by children.

Therefore, a good friend may be more deserving of a larger inheritance.


— A Friend Indeed

Dear Friend: Great point!


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