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Ask Amy: Positive Penny meets Negative Nancy

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I've known “Sandy” for 20 years. She lives on the West Coast and I now live on the East Coast. My husband and I moved three years ago, but I've stayed in touch with my friends.

I supported Sandy through her chemo when she was being treated for cancer.

I've sent her cards, letters and flowers when she was depressed about being sick and losing her hair.

I've sent her suggestions for good movies and shows to watch.

Whenever I phone her, she won't answer the phone but will send me an email or text.

Sandy has recovered.


Lately, during the pandemic, I've noticed that she ignores any positive, happy, or upbeat information I send her.

There is just no response. Nothing. She doesn't say if she is interested, she doesn't ask me to stop sending her photos — nothing.

I'm an artist and I love to share news about paintings I've done or home remodeling projects my husband and I have managed to do.

I'm of the opinion that friends should be happy for their friends, and good news is fun to share!


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