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Granddad is stymied, asking for Paris pics

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I recently took my two granddaughters (ages 13 and 15) to Paris for their first trip overseas.

I did not bring a phone or camera, knowing they would bring theirs.

Many pictures were taken, and I asked the oldest to send me those in which I appear. It's the only thing I asked for. Three times.

When we returned to the States, two weeks later, the girls called me for Father's Day. As we chatted, I again asked the eldest for the pictures.

She replied with a huff that, "I've got hundreds of pictures to look through to find yours."

I don't know whether it's generational, or her age, but I am uncertain about how to handle this.


I could just put this onto her mother, but I prefer to correct this issue between the two of us.

Do you have any suggestions?

-- Picture Poor

Dear Poor: You've scored a twofer: This situation is generational; the reaction is age-related.


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