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Granddad is stymied, asking for Paris pics

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I don't have the space here to describe the loaded and layered relationship between teen girls and the photos they take, but picture this: Narcissus is transfixed by his own beauty. Now imagine possessing the technology to try and capture all that amazes you (and much that doesn't), over and over, forever.

I think it's possible that there isn't one photo of the Eiffel Tower that doesn't also feature one or more of the girls. They likely selfied their way through the City of Light. Are you sure they even got any photos with you in them?

You've asked for this three times now. Your granddaughter's rude response is the aggressive way many immature people respond when they get caught and feel guilty about it. It's not right, it's not nice, and I hope you will please forgive her. She already knows that she has blown it. So now you should be patient and give her some time to dig herself out. Create a Dropbox or iCloud account online and email her an invite. But don't mention it again.

Dear Amy: My sister found out she has cancer, and is refusing treatment.

She is 74.

My 48-year-old niece lives with her and always has. She has never worked.


She has a lot of issues, mostly because my sister would not let her grow up.

Now my niece is hinting at living with me down the road (after her mother dies).

There is no way I'd ever agree to that (for many reasons), but I can't figure out how I can make this clear to her without being totally rude.

She will latch onto whoever is available, I'm sure.


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