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Girlfriend doesn't want to share her Amazon account

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My boyfriend "Robby" is a wonderful person. I love him and his parents. Both of Robby's parents are good people, who are very involved in his life.

Lately, I have been feeling annoyed by his mother, and feel guilty.

She is very judgmental of her son's choices. For instance, he rarely drinks, but if there is one night where he goes out with friends, she criticizes and judges him. (He is 37 years old, by the way.)

What has really gotten on my nerves lately is that she has been asking me to order a bunch of things from my Amazon account.

She refuses to get a debit card or become familiar enough with the internet to learn how to order for herself, so instead she gets me to do this for her.

This can be a pain, as I don't always have the money in my account to cover her order, and even when I do, I'm still not comfortable making all of these orders for her. I feel like she is taking advantage of me.

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I also feel like it is hypocritical on her part to be so judgmental about her son's life and constantly giving unsolicited advice, but she is not willing to adjust to technology and is willing to inconvenience others.

I'm feeling resentful of her and also resentful of her son because he refuses to stand up to her and tell her to back off.

Am I wrong for feeling frustrated? How can I politely decline purchasing any more things on her behalf from my account?

-- Annoyed


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