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Nurse and cop put in a dating shift

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You quite obviously don't like this bride. You don't like the way she is behaving and you don't intend to honor your "maid of honor" duties.

You seem to want to turn the bride in to her fiance to retaliate because she is messaging your boyfriend. Your boyfriend could easily stop the messaging, so it seems that the two of you might be enjoying it (on some level).

The worst, most ridiculous bride in the world deserves to have a maid of honor who believes in what she is doing -- or is at least willing to put her blinders on and go along with it.

You are not that person.

You've already spent money to go to this destination wedding, but attending the wedding when you obviously can't stand the bride is like eating a hot fudge sundae when you don't want to, just because it came with the meal. You should turn in your "maid of honor" badge. Tell the bride, "I'm very sorry, but I can't perform these duties for you. We also won't be able to attend the wedding." You staying home would be better for everyone.

Dear Amy: "Dismissed Wife" talked about the lack of emotional support her husband offered her. You picked up on the detail that she had lost a child. Many years after our son died, my marriage started to fall apart. I now realize it was delayed stress from our terrible grief. Thank you for recommending Compassionate Friends support group.

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-- Survivor

Dear Survivor: Support and fellowship from other parents who have experienced terrible loss is a lifeline for survivors.


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