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Boyfriend's mom won't meet girlfriend

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

If he/she doesn't want to travel first/business class, should I offer to upgrade the person's class so we can sit together and enjoy the "getting there and back" portion of the trip together?

Or do we just sit separately?

What's the protocol?

-- Tom

Dear Tom: I'm not sure this is a protocol question, but more of a friendship question. If you and a friend agree to travel together and you have the coin to afford first-class travel, you should travel the way you want to.

It would be most gracious for you to offer to upgrade your companion's seat so you can clink your Champagne glasses together, but it is not required. Some people prefer a "cone of silence" when they fly, even if it is in coach.

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Dear Amy: "Confused in California" said he wanted to combine finances with his future wife, and you agreed. I strongly disagree. Couples should keep some savings of their own. You just never know what is going to happen down the line.

-- Keeping it Separate

Dear Separate: I agree that couples should have separate savings, but combining finances means that they will co-own their home and cooperate on major bills. No matter what, it is important to discuss money and finances, and agree on some basics before marriage.


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