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Woman wants happiness tips for tough times

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Then he asked me if I was OK with him flirting with me because if I wasn't OK, he would stop. I replied by telling him to stop.

I don't want my boyfriend to know this happened because this guy is his best friend. He has lots of love for him and doesn't want to lose him as a friend. On the other hand, I feel like my boyfriend should know.

Should I tell him, or should I just act like nothing happened?

-- Anxious

Dear Anxious: This man flirted with you. You told him to stop, and he did. So far, this seems like a contained situation. Keep a copy of this texting exchange. If he does anything further or violates any boundary with you, then yes, you should push back harder, and also out him to your boyfriend.

Dear Amy: Regarding young children attending weddings: I just returned from my daughter's evening wedding. Two guests brought along (uninvited) young children.

The girl's loud monologue during the maid of honor's speech was not adorable. The parent could have taken the child to the lobby, but didn't. Unfortunately, we have to relive those moments each time we view the video.

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The boy cried for the entire five hours because he was very tired and at an adult social event.

I do not blame these toddlers, but I do think their parents are clueless.

-- Disgusted

Dear Disgusted: Absolutely.


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