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Woman wants happiness tips for tough times

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I'm a 28-year-old woman. Until recently, I was building the life of my dreams. I was a musician, traveling around America in a Volkswagen bus with my boyfriend and bandmates, climbing up the ladder of success.

I was putting every fiber of who I was into this dream, and inspiring other people. Then, my mother became terminally ill due to complications from alcoholism. I went home and shared a few beautiful, heartbreaking months with her.

My boyfriend decided he needed to "find himself" while I was away. He found himself a yoga instructor.

He was my family, my crutch, my career and he left me when I needed him.

Out of so much hurt and anger I decided I needed to step away.

I came home to get back to my roots. I've made dinner and gone out dancing with my girlfriends. I've chopped wood and talked with my dad. I've reconnected with an old lover who gives me foot rubs every night. I've attained some normalcy.

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The problem is I haven't been able to sing, perform or write a song in months. I am terrified to do it.

It seems as though I am doomed to always be half happy.

Amy, how do you attain complete happiness? How do you wake up every day and put every piece of yourself into your dream?

How can I make my glass seem at least half full?


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