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Gun-toting brother-in-law wants to open-carry around kids

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Several years ago, I profiled a dozen young gunshot fatalities (ranging in age from a few months old to 5 years old), interviewing their parents and siblings. Here is the first line from that story: "One thing you notice, as the stories unfold, is how the youngest victims of accidental shootings tend to be shot in the head -- how natural it is, when you are a child and playing with a loaded gun, to point it at your friend's face and go "boom."

ALL parents should always check to see if another family has unsecured guns in the home before allowing children to visit. Educate your children explicitly about gun danger and gun safety.

I grew up with guns and hunting, and still live in a local culture where some kids (and parents) play hooky for the first day of hunting season. But all responsible gun owners use gun safes, and that is where they keep their deadly weapons -- not slung on their hips.

If your brother-in-law refuses to relinquish his weapon, unless he controls his wife's movements, there is no reason why these two (unarmed) women can't get together.

Dear Amy: My husband and I have been married for nine years. He has a 20-year-old son from his first marriage, and we have a daughter together.

My husband has remained close with his ex-wife's family. We have had a good relationship with his ex. She and her four siblings continue to invite us to most family get-togethers, and we've spent holidays together.

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I attend their events with my husband and daughter, and endure it for my stepson and husband's sake, even though I am quite uncomfortable.

Now, my husband's ex-wife's niece is getting married. Of course, we will attend the wedding. Her (ladies only) bridal shower is coming up, and my husband is insisting that I attend.

Although I know the women in this family, to me, it is torture to have to go to this shower alone. It's one thing when my husband is there, but without him, I don't see any reason to go. I would, of course, still send a gift.

I have "sucked it up" too many times to count. We have argued about this, and he even went so far as to say that I shouldn't ask him to do anything with my family anymore.


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