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Friendship triangle leads to non-negotiables

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Disappointed: Thank you for the correction and suggestion.

"Dogless" was an at-home mom who had just seen two of her children off to college. A previous experience with a dog in the home did not go well (other family members ignored the animal, and, after five years, it ran away). Her husband had announced that he would bring home a puppy, regardless of how she felt.

I was floored by this lack of respect.

I agree that leaving the home is extreme and unwise. It was my version of "going on strike."

I like your solution -- if the family members don't take care of the dog, the mother doesn't take care of them. Great idea!

Dear Amy: The letter signed "Help Not Wanted" told of a 95-year-old mother-in-law who responded harshly when the daughter-in-law offered to help her out of the back seat of their car.

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I appreciated your take on this, but this fact jumped out at me: When I drive elderly people, I always offer them the front seat. Riding in the back seat might have bothered this older woman.

-- Been There

Dear Been There: Yes! Not only is the front seat more comfortable, the visibility is better. Thank you.


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