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Father and son engage in demolition derby

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I don't think I will have a clear answer from them about why we were excluded from the wedding.

Can you help?

-- Upset Auntie

Dear Upset: If you don't believe you will be offered a clear or honest answer, then don't ask the question.

You should send an email to all parties, saying, "We are very upset that we have missed these very special events, but because we haven't been informed in time to arrange travel, we've missed the opportunity to be with you. In the future, we hope you will give us more notice."

Dear Amy: I loved your firm answer to "Unsure," whose husband was battling their Home Owners Association (HOA) over his right to put up Halloween decorations.

I am on the board of my HOA, and we board members also fight the good fight over ridiculous rules.

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I liked your advice that this man should continue his protest by joining the board.

-- HOA Happy

Dear Happy: I was surprised (and pleased) by how many HOA board members contacted me, supporting this man's position.


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