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Rings come with warrantees; friendship doesn't

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: A very dear friend of mine has agreed to marry what she "believes" is the man of her dreams.

She is a 31-year-old Christian woman who has lived in a small community all her life. She and the man she has chosen to settle with dated for only a year prior to him "popping' the question.

He lives an hour and a half away in the city. The only time they see each other is every other weekend, plus some time with their families during the holidays. They have spent a lot of time sending text messages to each other during the course of their relationship.

At first I thought he seemed like a nice, well-rounded guy. But I also felt as though something was "off." Initially, I thought it appeared he was "forcing" his way into my friend's life.

Recently, I ran into her fiance in the jewelry store -- the store where he purchased her engagement ring. I observed his behavior. He was frustrated and somewhat irate when speaking with the customer service representative. What shocked me the most was when he commented on purchasing the warranty for a $300 ring. He made a cheeky comment to the clerk: "I guess you get what you pay for."

When he saw me, he told me he was having the ring "repaired" because the stone kept falling out.

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My friend would be devastated if she found out how truly frugal this man is, and how little he spent on her engagement ring.

I am torn as to what to do. Their wedding date is approaching and I don't know if I should be sharing this encounter with her.

Either way, I will be heartbroken. It will be hard to let her marry a man who is claiming to be something he's not. But I don't know how she would take hearing this bad news from me.

All I want is for her to be happy.


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